Happy Earth Day !

If you can get outside and still self isolate, get out and enjoy the day!

These last five-plus weeks of self-isolation have helped our earth in many ways. Without planes, trains, and cars operating, the air is cleaner and it is quieter.  Air pollution in China and many other countries has decreased significantly due to manufacturing shutdowns. WHO estimates that 7 million people die every year from exposure to polluted air.  Yes, 7 million and that's on us. 

As well, the number of stories about increased wildlife sightings is on the rise. Quieter streets, fewer cars, and people have normally timid animals roaming more freely. Although that might not appeal to all people, they share the Eart with humans. Really we don't share well with others. 

One good outcome from the COVID-19 event is the Earth has started to heal itself from all of the abuses we have layered upon it.  Hopefully, we can learn something from this and move forward with a new sense of awareness, we are not the only living species here on earth.  But, we are the only living species that have not done their share in taking care of the earth.  During this time perhaps we can all consider somethings we can do to help maintain this extraordinary change we have been given to keep moving in a more positive way to taking care of the planet we live on.  This is a reset, let's take advantage of an unexpected positive result from such a troubling event and move things in a better direction.  Let's make Earth Day every day!  Be kind, be safe, and be healthy.

Take care Debbie