2020 NHL All Star Break & NHL Hockey Art by Jeremy Bresciani


Toronto Maples Leafs by Jeremy Bresciani


 The NHL is about to break for the All Stars game in St. Louis, Missouri on January 24-25th.  The format will be a four team single elimination format, with one team representing each of the league's four divisions. 

Jeremy, a self taught artist, has an incredible selection of NHL hockey team drawings. He played hockey when he was growing up.

While studying at the University of Alberta, he discovered sports like rock climbing, sky diving, inline boarding and surfing. This lead to a love of outdoors and travelling. In 1999, he started an adventure sports/sporting goods distribution company pioneering new sports. 

In 2008, he was inspired to pursue a career in art.  His NHL Game Day Series has become a customer favorite.  His attention to detail has created realistic portrayals of NHL teams that capture the feelings of fans walking into the arenas of their favorite hockey teams. 
Jeremy has drawn 5 American teams and 6 Canadian teams  We offer them in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.

                             Big Bad Bruins by Jeremy Bresciani

                             Calgary Flames by Jeremy Bresciani


                                 Chicago Blackhawks by Jeremy Bresciani


                                Detroit Red Wings by Jeremy Bresciani


                                   Edmonton Oilers by Jeremy Bresciani 

                                 Montreal Les Habitant by Jeremy Bresciani

                                    Philadelphia Flyers by Jeremy Bresciani

                                    Pittsburg Penquins by Jeremy Bresciani

                                      Winnipeg Jets by Jeremy Bresciani

                                    Vancouver Canucks by Jeremy Bresciani