Future of the Herd
Past, Present, and Future
Sibling Rivals

Future of the Herd Trilogy by Bernie Brown

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If you love horses or know someone who does you are going to love this set. 

Bernie Brown's Future of the Herd Trilogy is an awesome piece whether you have one or all three of them.  But like chips we don't think you will be able to stop at one.  

In the first of the three images, Future of the Herd features a stallion ( drawn in color) as he oversees his herd, including his foal also depicted in color

In the second image, Past, Present and Future, the stallion has passed away and is depicted as a hidden image in the bottom center of the rock cropping. His offspring from the first print, now leads the herd and stands on the right side watching over his two foals drawn in color.

Sibling Rivals shows the two foals grown and fighting for leadership of the herd.

We do offer each of these images for sale as individual framed prints. But if you are taken in by the story and know of someone ( or yourself )  who would want all three we offer them as a trio. 

These are matted, framed, and sized to match. Each one has a finished size of 15 7/8 inches by 13 1/8 inches. 

This is a set of three.