Passing the Pride by Jeremy Bresciani

Passing the Pride by Jeremy Bresciani

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Triple matted with a 1 inch brushed black frame.   Finished size is 22 3/4 inches by 11 3/4 inches.


This drawing represents the ten most notable Rider quarterbacks since their first cup appearance in 1951. Starting at the left: Glenn Dobbs, Ron Lancaster, John Hufnagel, Joe Paopao, Tom Burgess, Kent Austin, Reggie Slack, Henry Burris, Kerry Joseph and Darian Durant. The players are captured in progessive stages of a single play beginning with Dobbs taking the snap, moving through Austin as they look for an open receiver, committing to the run by Burris and finishing with a TD by Durant. Rider Green is slowly added to the image as it moves left to right.

Open Edition  16" x  6" size.