The Kick by Jeremy Bresciani

The Kick by Jeremy Bresciani

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Framed with a double matte and v-groove and a 1 1/4 inch brushed black frame.

Finished framed size is 26" x 22"

The Kick" - Saskatchewan Roughriders

  • Unframed limited edition print
  • 989 signed and numbered prints
  • print size 20" x 16”
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  • Unframed limited edition print
  • 1989 signed and numbered print

This drawing captures (arguably) the greatest moment in the history of the Saskatchewan Roughriders! In the foreground Dave Ridgway is shown in three stages of kicking the Grey Cup winning field goal in 1989. Behind him, 500 real fans capture the emotion that engulfed Rider Nation before, during and after the kick. Fans on the left are anxiously awaiting the kick, watching Dave and smiling nervously. Some shout words of encouragement to Robokicker as he prepares mentally for the kick. The pressure he felt at the moment must have been tremendous! As you pan left, fan faces show excitement as he follows through with the kick, then watch it as it sours towards the uprights and finally break into jubilation and celebration on the right.

This is Jeremy's most detailed piece to date. With over 900 hours invested it is truly the "Pride" of his collection